Let’s Enjoy our Food


A question I have to ask myself and which is impossible not to come across these days – “what kind of EATER am I?”

Are we talking about diets or attitudes? Food has become AN ATTRIBUTE which brings us together or apart with/from others. It can make us better (because we are trying to save the world) and it can make us ignorant (caveman-diet). I wish food were just food again, something to eat and enjoy and not constantly think about. Whereas in days of awareness and transparency, there is almost nothing we can do without thinking about, maybe sleeping (unless you are into lucid dreaming).
I researched a bit and came to know that around the time I was born man discovered pasteuration, refrigeration, mass production and factory farming. Everything is in need of being standardized and produced for masses. This I think is where the big problem starts, it is not about “what I personally prefer or not” it is about the inhumanity of factory farming and mass production.

If I own two chickens and they endow me with breakfast eggs, nothing barbaric is happening. But if you watch films of factory farming of chickens and the mass-killing of chicks, you might never want to eat an egg again.
Each one of us can change a limited amount of actions around us. We can look for ways to step out of mass production and factory farming. This takes effort and time. Others watching might join and step by step things can change around us…

It is not about being a vegetarian or vegan, it is about finding small steps and stepping out. Let us enjoy our food and not distinguish ourselves due to specific diets. Together and with small steps we can make things around us better.

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.”
Australian Aboriginal Proverb

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