I have very much tried to find a fundament, something basic that explains life in an easy way. Something to make life a simple place to live, to get me out of all of these thousand of confusing possibilities around me. I was looking for something from inside, valid for myself and nature alike, since we are part of each other. Maybe there were some rules or inner understanding, so to understand the game of live and play along. Some sort of instructions, that I kept thinking – someone must have. Maybe it has just been forgotten on the way.
Well, what I have found for myself is something on the way there and I would like tio invite you along. I will share a few steps on my rocky and adventurous path to living a lively life with you. I have found something that has major importance to live in harmony, in myself, in nature, in relationship, in family, in social structure, in groups, in communities – everywhere. It is so simple and it is right in front of us. Maybe we forgot how important it is and just need to remember.
I have no answers, except to my own questions, like all of us. I can only speak from my experience, what I feel, what I see, what is my truth. Even though I sometimes believe it is a much bigger truth, that there is a basic truth within every one of us and in nature – known as the circle.
I think we need to live circular. It is about living in cycles and with cycles. Recognizing and living with natural cycles.

In pagan religions, before Christianity, people’s lives were much closer to nature. They lived with the seasons of nature, celebrated and respected nature in many different ways. The seasons and the moons were acknowledged and celebrated. The moon was intergrated into people’s lives and they knew the importance of planting, watering, cutting or harvesting plants and trees with the moon.
Nowadays a lot of this knowledge is being rediscovered, published, shared and used again. It brings us closer to nature and helps us respect nature again. It helps us learn and understand that we are nature. We cannot control nature and when we destroy it – we destroy ourselves.
Nature is a clear, set-up structure, a perfect organism. It has cycles which we are influenced by even if we are not conscious about it.

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